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Chinskiekody.pl Banggood Elektroniczna kostka Rubika Xiaomi Giiker w Banggood

Elektroniczna kostka Rubika Xiaomi Giiker w Banggood


Elektroniczna kostka Rubika Xiaomi Giiker w cenie 27,99$ (~105,24 zł) w Banggood

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● APP language : English and Chinese
● What’s the most different between xiaomi supercube and others:
​1. When you play the supercube you will find the fantastic feeling you will never feel, just like a Cherry Keyclick Mechanical Keyboard, only need a small force.
2. The voice of supercube is so similar with Cherry Keyclick Mechanical Keyboard.it will make you feel comfortable.
3. You will solve the supercube within 30 seconds even if you are a newbie. there are so many game you can play.and there will help 4. your child develop the brain
5. The sensor of supercube will Record motion track,and you can solve the supercube with App

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