[EU-CZ] Odkurzacz automatyczny Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus w Banggood


Banggood: Odkurzacz automatyczny 2w1 Xiaomi ROIDMI EVE Plus 2700Pa LDS w cenie 329.99$ (~1336.46 zł)

Kod rabatowy: (Kod ogólny do Banggood 8% BG8FORMULAMX)

Alternatywny kod: (Te kody były aktywne wcześniej. Niektóre z nich mogą jeszcze działać.)
Idź do okazji!

Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Informacje o VAT:

Przesyłka Priority Line na Banggood chroni przed opłatami skarbowymi. W innych sklepach, jak Aliexpress, część produktów jest oznaczona, jako "Price includes VAT" i opłaty nie są doliczane.
Przesyłki zamawiane z magazynów EU mają wliczony VAT i są zwolnione z cła.

Podstawowe informacje:

Model: EVE Plus
Functions: Sweeping, Vacuuming, Mopping
Suction: 2700Pa
Application Area: 250m²
Climbing Height: ≤20mm
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 50W + 850W (Robot Station)
Dust Collection Capacity: 300ml + 3L
APP Control: Yes – Mijia APP
Voice Control: Yes – Google Assistant
Navigation Mode: Laser Navigation
● Intelligent Dust Collection and Cleaning Station
ROIDMI EVE Plus is not only a charging station,but also an iontelligent garbage can. After cleaning,it will auto-matically empty the dust box and automatically pack the dust when the dust is full. It also has the original ozone antibacterial and deodorzing technology and meanwhile it can realize eliminate dirty hands and smelling trash.
● One-month Peace of Mind
With ROIDMI EVE Plus robot vacuum and mop cleaner with clean base,you can rest assured to travel on business. Even if you are away for a month,EVE Plus can clean your home every day.
● 4th Generation LDS Super-sensing Lidar
ROIDMI 4th generation super-sensitive LDS lidar can quickly scan the whole house and autamatically draw maps through SLAM algorithm, with an accuracy of 40% higher than that of the previous generation.
● Smart Room Partition
Not only can the map partition be saved automatically, you can also merge, style and name the partitions to achieve cleaning in a preset arder or scheduled cleaning of the designated room.
● Not Finished This Time Automatically Next Time
No need for the owner to worry about the whole cleaning process. Low power will automatically return to the cleaning atation for charging.When the power is fully charged, the cleaning will be continued immediately to avoid missing or repeated cleaning.
● Automatically Judge The Height
Judge the height of the bed and the cabinet through the LDS pressure sensor, and don’t rush where you shouldn’t go.
● 2700Pa Flagship Hurricane Suction
The high-performance digital brushless motor and lane separation technology derived from ROIDMI EVE Plus bring 2700Pa surging suction power, which can easily clean the ground dust, peel and hair.
You can remotely control with one-key start.Switch mode, real-time inspection and search status, full control anytime, anywhere.

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