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Chinskiekody.pl Gearbest Keyboard do nauki z podświetlaną klawiaturą Xiaomi Youpin w Gearbest

Keyboard do nauki z podświetlaną klawiaturą Xiaomi Youpin w Gearbest


Keyboard smart do nauki z podświetlaną klawiaturą Xiaomi Youpin czarny w cenie 279,99$ (~1075,16 zł) w Gearbest

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Podstawowe informacje:

● APP smart playing education: play the keyboard follow the APP, learn the music from zero, let you play a famous music within a weekend
● Game play design: from simple to complex game, easier and more interesting, let the boring learning become a fun game
● 61-keys strength sensing: weak tap for a lower sound, strong tap for a louder sound
● Grand Piano role, multi-tone optional, a keyboard can form a band: taken from the ten-story grand piano sound, whether it is practice or performance, it is like being in the center of the stage. 128 GM sounds and 4 drum sets can be switched ( link APP can be expanded to 417 sounds)
● Simplest design: only 4 keys to adjust the sound, volume, etc. 5kg weight, easy to carry
● Get the MFI certification from MFI, it’s compatible with multi-platform, support both Android and iOS devices
● Support earphone, avoid to bother your neighbour while making practice
● Update the songs and music in real-time in cloud music library: play the newest song without a teacher
● AI check: intelligent evaluation function accurately record the pitch, rhythm, speed, etc., and generate evaluation reports to help you find problems and improve the efficiency of practicing the piano

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