Dron Eachine Falcon 210 Pro w Banggood

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Dron Eachine Falcon 210 Pro w cenie 103,99$

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Cena z kuponem: 103,99$
Cena bez kuponu: 129,99$

Podstawowe informacje:
Wheelbase : 210mm
Thickness : 3mm
Dimension: 195 x 170 x 60mm
Package : 420 x 270 x 95mm
Weigh: 309g (no battery prop)
Weight with Battery : 452g
Package Weigh: 1.4kg
Compatible with 4-5 inch propeller
Compatible with 2204 motor
Can be used with 4S/3S battery
With Seft-protection function
With direction indicator LED
Inclined motor base design, fast speed
Removable protection motor base

Eachine Falcon 210 Pro

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