[EU-CZ] Odkurzacz pionowy Xiaomi Dreame T10 w Banggood

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Banggood: Odkurzacz pionowy, bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Dreame T10 20.000Pa 120AW w cenie 179.99$ (~710.96 zł)

Kod rabatowy: (Kod og├│lny do Bangood 7% 2022ActiesNL)

Alternatywny kod: (Te kody by┼éy aktywne wcze┼Ťniej. Niekt├│re z nich mog─ů jeszcze dzia┼éa─ç.)
Id┼║ do okazji!

Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Informacje o VAT:

Przesy┼éka Priority Line na Banggood chroni przed op┼éatami skarbowymi. W innych sklepach, jak Aliexpress, cz─Ö┼Ť─ç produkt├│w jest oznaczona, jako "Price includes VAT" i op┼éaty nie s─ů doliczane.
Przesy┼éki zamawiane z magazyn├│w EU maj─ů wliczony VAT i s─ů zwolnione z c┼éa.

Podstawowe informacje:

Brand: Dreame
Model: T10
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 400W
Suction Power: 120AW
Vacuum Degree: 20000Pa
Charging Time: 3.5h
Working Time: 60/28/8min
Gear Adjustment: 3gear
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.6L
Noise: 84dB
Battery Information Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Dimension Main Unit Weight: 1.65kg
Package Weight: 6.2kg
Package Size: 76.20 x 33.80 x 15.00 cm
ÔŚĆ Powerful Suction: 20000Pa, utilizes a super strong motor with powerful suction, more helpful in renewing your dirty floor and keeping your house neat.
ÔŚĆ V-Shape Brush for All Floor Types: Impressive floor cleaning performance to meet your need.
ÔŚĆ 60 Minutes Battery Life: 2500mAh high-quality batteries and smart power supply system, the vacuum cleaner controls the current output steadily and effectively with no suction loss.
ÔŚĆ Electronic Auto Lock: Switch working mode based on various cleaning needs with a simple touch.Easy to operate, able to handle cleaning of larger area and separated cleaning tasks.
ÔŚĆ Replaceable Lithium Battery Pack: Purchase the replaceable large capacity standby battery to double the run-time.Clean up to 240m┬▓ large space.
ÔŚĆ 12-Cone Self-Cleaning Cyclone System: It can achieve the dust and air separation rate up to 99.63% simply through the momentum of air. Such strong centrifugal force can effectively shake the pollutant and dirt to the dust cup without blocking the filters.
ÔŚĆ Up to 99.9% of Mite-removal Rate: Powerful suction effectively remove allergens such as dust, mites and dander in all kinds of surfaces including beddings, sofa, fabric furniture, etc..
ÔŚĆ Light Weight Design: The device is as light as 3.64 pounds. With its gravity center at the rear of the handle, the design is ergonomically friendly
ÔŚĆ Low Noise: Clean quietly with less disturbance to family and pets.
ÔŚĆ 0.6L Large Capacity Dust Cup: Larger capacity captures more dirt and bacteria. While unloading, simply click the release button without touching any pollutant. The dust cup is also removable and can be rinsed by water to keep clean.

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