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[EU-CZ] Odkurzacz pionowy Xiaomi Shunzao L1 w Banggood


Banggood: Odkurzacz pionowy, bezprzewodoy Xiaomi Shunzao L1 20.000Pa w cenie 165.99$ (~645.7 zł)

Kod rabatowy:

Alternatywny kod: (Te kody by┼éy aktywne wcze┼Ťniej. Niekt├│re z nich mog─ů jeszcze dzia┼éa─ç.)
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Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Podstawowe informacje:

Brand: Shunzao
Model: L1
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 250W
Suction Power: 105AW
Vacuum Degree: 20000Pa
Rotating Speed: 120000rpm
Charging Time: ÔëĄ5H
Run Time: Standard Gear 60mins
Maximum Gear10mins
Dust Cup Capacity: 0.4L
LED Display: Yes
Main Brush Head: Electric Roller Brush
Number of Accessories: 4 kinds
Filtering System: 99.5%
Static Electricity Export: Yes
Storage Mthod: Magnetic Holder (support double-sided tape/punch)
ÔŚĆ 1.15kg Lightweight Host: with an ergonomic handle, lightweight main body enable you easily clean up from floor to high places.
ÔŚĆ Ultra Light3.0 120000rpm High Efficiency Brushless Motor: Shunzao’s new generation of lightweight Ultra Light3.0 high-efficiency brushless motor has the advantages of light weight, high efficiency and stability.
ÔŚĆ Machine Efficiency Up to 40%: 250W motor power can release 105AW strong suction power, the efficiency of the whole machine reaches 40%.
ÔŚĆ Smooth Air Flow in Efficient Air Duct: optimized air duct design to ensure unobstructed, thereby reducing suction loss, making suction lasting strong.
ÔŚĆ 60 Minutes Battery Life: built-in 2500mAh lithium-ion batteries, realize 10 minutes maximum gear, 60 minutes standard gear battery life.
ÔŚĆ Efficiently Remove Mites and Allergens: deep cleaning of dust mites hidden deep in the mattress to eliminate skin allergens.
ÔŚĆ LED Battery Indicator: the 3-segment LED indicator shows the power in real time.
ÔŚĆ One-click Dust: press the button, the lid of the dust cup opens automatically, and the dust falls into the trash can.
ÔŚĆ 99.5% High Efficiency Filtration: adopt 5-fold filtration system is used to filter fine dust as small as 0.3 microns.
ÔŚĆ Low Noise: on the premise of ensuring performance, measures such as optimizing the air duct design to reduce the operating sound of the host.
ÔŚĆ Magnetic Holder: different from ordinary hanging bases, the magnetic design can be fixed with double-sided tape without laborious drilling and will not damage the wall.
ÔŚĆ Static Electricity Export Function: internal static diversion device is added to effectively export the static electricity in the fuselage.

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