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single days

Black Friday w chińskich sklepach


Opaska Smart Xiaomi Mi Band 5


Telefony Xiaomi w Banggood i w Gearbest

Xiaomi Air, laptop

Ultrabooki i laptopy Xiaomi w Gearbest


Odkurzacze automatyczne iLife i Xiaomi w Gearbest

xiaomi goldway

Telefony Xiaomi u Goldwaya w Aliexpress

Szczoteczki elektryczne i soniczne

Szczoteczki elektryczne i soniczne Xiaomi

drukarki 3d

Drukarki 3D i akcesoria do drukowania

Hulajnoga elektryczna Xiaomi

Hulajnoga elektryczna Xiaomi M365


Telefony OnePlus w Banggood i w Gearbest

[EU-CZ] Irygator XIAOMI SOOCAS W3 w Banggood


Banggood: Przenośny irygator XIAOMI SOOCAS W3 w cenie 40.99$ (~154.53 zł)

Kod rabatowy:

Idź do okazji!

Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Podstawowe informacje:

– [ Gentle Cleansing / One Flush ] — It takes only one minute to refresh your teeth after a meal.
– [ Postprandial Cleaning Teeth ] — 1300 high frequency pulsed water per minute, powerful pulsed water flow for efficient cleaning.
– [ Outstanding Performance Design Settings ]
— Innovative Splashproof nozzle
— Anti-fouling rubber stopper
— Non-slip handle
— Charging indicator
— Simple and stylish appearance
— IPX7 waterproof design
— USB fast charging, 30 days long battery life
– [ Tooth Cover Cleaning Partner ] — The water pressure interval is maintained between 20 and 140 PSI, care for oral health
– [ Wireless & Portable ] — Small size, easy to carry, suitable for work, dinner and other occasions.
– [ Three-speed Pressure Mode ]
— Gentle mode: gentle water pressure for first-time use of water flosser or oral sensitive
— Standard mode: standard water pressure, efficient cleaning, suitable for most people
— Massage mode: visible pulsed water flow can massage gums to relieve oral bleeding
– [ Double Security Protection ] — Power off protection & Two minutes shutdown protection

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