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[EU-CZ] Odkurzacz przeno┼Ťny na roztocza Xiaomi Deerma CM810 w Banggood


Banggood: Odkurzacz przeno┼Ťny na roztocza XIAOMI Deerma CM810 anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner UV 13.000Pa w cenie 47.99$ (~186.68 z┼é)

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Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Podstawowe informacje:

Brand XIAOMI Deerma
Model CM810
* UV light removal, removal rate >99.9%
* The quartz glass ultraviolet lamp emits 253.7nm ultraviolet light, which can directly penetrate the aphids and their eggs, and the herbicidal rate reaches 99.9%.
* 8000 beats per minute high frequency tapping, shaking out deep mattress mites
* 13000Pa strong suction, sucking away the aphids that are shaken away, while deep cleaning the furniture sheets and sofa.
* 450W pure copper DC motor
* Double-layer filtration removes mites and discharges fresh air
* Pressure-sensing safety protection, in addition to the sputum to leave the sheets automatically turn off the UV-C UV lamp to avoid direct exposure to the human body.
* UV lamp perspective window: Observe the working condition of the UV lamp, and seal the isolated light without leakage damage.
* Exhaust air on both sides to avoid hot air blowing: Dissipate heat on the left and right sides, do not directly blow the face to avoid discomfort
* Visualized washing dust box: Sealed and leakproof, easy to remove and wash
Rated Voltage 200V-50Hz
Rated Power 450W
Noise ÔëĄ75dB
Material ABS
Maximum Vacuum Degree 13000Pa
Weight 1.45kg
Product Size 355*230*165mm
Packing Included: 1 x Host; 1 x Brush; 1 x Manual; 1 x Certificate

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