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Chinskiekody.pl Banggood Gimbal FEIYUTECH FY G6 w Banggood

Gimbal FEIYUTECH FY G6 w Banggood


Wodoodporny gimbal do kamer sportowych FEIYUTECH FY G6 3-osiowy w cenie 159,99$ (~615,96 zł) w Banggood

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Podstawowe informacje:

● Built-in OLED screen show specifications of gimbal and camera, working modes, battery life, Bluetooth connection, etc.
● Low power consumption and higher anti-shake performance
● 3 slide arms are easy to balance the gimbal with the combination of knob and sliding arm
● The gimbal is designed for waterproof, making shooting freely
● The APP „Feiyu ON” ( downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play ) can achieve remote control, automatic calibration firmware upgrade, and the setting of the multi-motion parameter, makes more possibility in creation
● Trail time-lapse photography
● A smartphone setting up in the G6 by mobile device support, it can be used for a viewfinder
● 1/4 inch holes in the bottom of the gimbal can be compatible with more accessories
● Equipped with large capacity battery the runtime can be up to 12 hours, supports to charge the camera and last long time for shooting

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