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Gniazdko Xiaomi Mi Smart w Rosegal


Rosegal: Gniazdko Xiaomi Mi Smart w cenie 8.3$ (~30.88 zł)

Kod rabatowy:

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Podstawowe informacje:

Brands: Xiaomi
Current : 10A
Input Voltage (V): AC 90 – 250V
Output Voltage (V) : AC 180 – 250V
Power (W): 2200W
Color: White
ÔÇó Original Xiaomi mi smart WiFi socket for daily use
ÔÇó Mobile phone remote control, you can switch power supply optionally when not at home (Mobile phones must be connected network)
ÔÇó Overload protection, safe to use
ÔÇó High temperature resistant, 750 degree high temperature fire resistant material, safe to use
ÔÇó LED indicator: Hidden lights, with downy light at night, easy to notice
ÔÇó Timing switch, close some home appliances in long-term standby state, also can make some household appliances intelligent, east to control
ÔÇó The case is made of 750 degree high temperature flame resistant material, interior is made of 0.6mm high quality carobronze, plug is made of 1.5mm brass, very safe
ÔÇó Easy to use stand-alone application: Xiaomi smart socket can use phone APP available to implement its action, which not only has a simple interface, but it is also easier to set up
ÔÇó It is small and light weight, intelligent and safe, you can take it along during your travel
ÔÇó Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.

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