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Inteligentna opaska V07 w cenie 29,39$

Z kodem: V07BAND

Podstawowe informacje:

Nordic nRF52832 + Bluetooth 4.0 technology
Adopts Nordic nRF52832 and Bluetooth 4.0 technology that it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of your life.
Heart rate monitor and arrhythmia alert
Measure the real-time heart rate value, it will remind with vibration if any abnormal.
Blood pressure test
Make manual or auto test for the user’s blood pressure during sleep time.
Pedometer / Sleep monitoring / Sedentary reminder
Your private management expert, monitor the daily movement, take care of your health, monitor your sleep, remind you to have a rest and track your steps, mileage and calories for high quality sports.
Call / SMS reminder and Information push
Built-in vibration motor, it will remind you when coming a call or message, also display the caller name or tel. number. You can check the app information without taking out the phone.
Ultrasonic structure with IP67 waterproof standard.


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