Kamera sportowa FuriBee Q6 4K w Gearbest

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Kamera sportowa FuriBee Q6 4K w cenie 34,99$


Cena z kuponem: 34,99$
Cena bez kuponu: 37,99$

Podstawowe informacje:

4K 30fps resolution video shooting for an full HD image
Up to 16 megapixel image resolution, makes image clearer and more vivid
2.0 inch full color LCD display
Professional 30M waterproof housing
170 degree wide-angle lens, wider image and more real natural scene
Slow motion, a detailed record of every wonderful moment
Loop recording function: when the recording time exceeds the setting recording time, the latest video segment will cover the earliest segment
Removable 900mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
APP: XDV ( for iOS and Android )

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