Klawiatura mechaniczna Motospeed K81 w Gearbest


Klawiatura mechaniczna Motospeed K81 w cenie 42,99 $

Kod nie jest potrzebny

Podstawowe informacje:
● Unique design of beehive pattern for professional gamers
● Illuminated keyboard, charming and fascinating
● Metallic base structure for extra stability during game play
● Precise mechanical key infrastructure for blazing fast actuations
● Multimedia shortcut keys for easy access
● Ergonomic design with a palm rest to minimize wrist fatigue
● Adjustable keyboard height, comfortable and convenient
● Rated for over 10 million keystrokes
● Laser carved keycaps and UV coated, with superior abrasion resistance
● Braided fiber cable for extra durability, foldable for more flexibility

Klawiatura mechaniczna Motospeed K81

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