Latarka LED Latarka Eagle Eye X6 w Gearbest


Latarka Eagle Eye X6 w cenie 17,79$

Z kodem rabatowym:


Cena z kuponu: 17,79$
Cena bez kuponu: 23,37$

Podstawowe informacje:

● Cree XPL HI V21A emitter outputs an extreme 1200 Lumens bright light in turbo mode
● Three brightness levels and two modes: Turbo – high – mid – low – strobe
● IPX-8 waterproof standard protects from heavy rain and waterdrop from all direction
● Constant current circuit enables maximum run time
● Reverse polarity protection prevents wrong battery installation
● Aviation aluminum / toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with coating / HAIII military grade hard-anodized keeps the X6 from scratches and damages

latarka eagle eye
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