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Maska przeciwpyłowa Xiaomi N95 w Banggood

Zimowa maska przeciwpyłowa Xiaomi N95 w cenie 16,23$


Ważny do 03.02.2017
Protects against powders, pollen, dust, fiberglass, cement, and more.
Light weight and easy to breathe.
Elastic headband eliminates detachment.
Breathe and speak normally you will be heard just fine.
Great for Garage, Garden, Shop, Cycling.
The filter element adopts 360 ° adaptive three-dimensional sealing ring, through Adaptive, Fit (AF) technology,
to form a three-dimensional full sealed air bubble.
On both sides of the nose, chin and other dead key double protection, let the tiny pollutants also no way in.

maseczka przeciwpyłowa Xiaomi

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