Głośnik bezprzewodowy PINDU SC211 w Banggood

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Głośnik bezprzewodowy PINDU SC211 w cenie 14,24$

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Podstawowe informacje:

Model SC211
Color Black, Red, Blue
Net Weight (g) Approx. 360g
Dimensions (cm/ inch) 186.34.4 cm (7.082.481.73 inches)
Technical Parameters
Microphone Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth Connection & Audio Cable
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Distance 10m
Output Power 3W*2
SNR 85dB
Response 20-20kHz
Battery Capacity 1200mAh, 3.7V
Charging Time (h) 2-3h
Working Time (h) 4-6h (at medium volume)

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