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Promocja na markę Blitzwolf w Banggood


Telefony Xiaomi w Banggood i w Gearbest

Szczoteczki elektryczne i soniczne

Szczoteczki elektryczne i soniczne Xiaomi

Ilife v5

Odkurzacze automatyczne iLife i Xiaomi w Gearbest


Opaska Smart Xiaomi Mi Band 4

xiaomi goldway

Telefony Xiaomi u Goldwaya w Aliexpress

Xiaomi Air, laptop

Ultrabooki i laptopy Xiaomi w Gearbest

Hulajnoga elektryczna Xiaomi

Hulajnoga elektryczna Xiaomi M365

drukarki 3d

Drukarki 3D i akcesoria do drukowania


Kable do ładowarki USB-C BlitzWolf z QC 2.0 i QC 3.0 w Banggood

gearbest polish site

Produkty z europejskich magazynów w Gearbest

Chinskiekody.pl Banggood [EU] Odkurzacz bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC21 w Banggood

[EU] Odkurzacz bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC21 w Banggood


Odkurzacz pionowy, bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC21 w cenie 79.99$ (~311.16 zł) w Banggood

Kod rabatowy:
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Wysyłka: Magazyn EU

Podstawowe informacje:

Deerma VC21 Ultra Light Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2200mAh Capacity Stick Aspirator Mute Handheld cleaner for Home and Car
– Strong Suction: The power motor has a strong suction, and the two bowling balls can be easily sucked up to easily clean the dust, paper, hair and garbage in the house.
– Lighweight: It’s light and effortless in your hand, and the children at home can lift it easily. Easily clean the dust in the high and low places and enjoy the fun. The main unit is lighter than the 3-can cola, reducing the size and weight of the motor, filter element and package structure. Make your cleaning easier, save time and effort.
– Electric Soft Brush: The electric soft brush has an independent motor drive, which can be brushed 3000 times in 1 minute, and the dust in the gap can be cleaned up.
– 2200mAh Capacity: Fully charged for 30 minutes, cleaning the area of 120㎡. The battery intelligent management system ensures long-lasting battery life.
– Low Niose: The vacuum cleaner has a noise-absorbing cotton filter noise, and the baby is not affected when playing while vacuuming.

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