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Chinskiekody.pl Banggood Odkurzacz bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC30 w Banggood

Odkurzacz bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC30 w Banggood


Odkurzacz pionowy, bezprzewodowy Xiaomi Deerma VC30 w cenie 149,99$ (~572,96 zł) w Banggood

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Podstawowe informacje:

Brushless Motor: High speed, high power, strong instantaneous speed.
Imported Lithium Battery: The imported lithium battery pack is powered, and it can clean the living room/bedroom/study and other areas with one charge. It has full power and strong suction.
Lightweight Cordless: Lightweight carrying, so that when you lift the high clean, the hand no longer bears the weight of the host, just take the brush head, long-term use will not tire. Clean dust in high and low environments.
15000Pa Strong Suction: 15000Pa side cyclone pressure, suction close to the ground, the particles and dust in the deep layer of the deep ground will be sucked clean.
• Gently pull the filter element can be emptied of dust, not dirty hands will not block the filter element, reduce suction loss, keep the machine unobstructed suction.
• 4-layer steel mesh cyclone, dense filter cotton dustproof and noise reduction, exhausting clean air.
• Wide-area structure, the adsorption port area is increased to 48cm2, and it is easy to gather large pieces of garbage, large particles and dust, etc.; clean and fast.
• Upright/storage, no need to lean against the wall, stable and not dumping.
• The structure of the whole machine is ingeniously balanced and designed to maintain balance at all times. It can be stopped at any time during the cleaning process, allowing you to free your hands to deal with other matters.

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