Okulary VR 3D Xiaomi w Banggood

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Okulary VR 3D Xiaomi w cenie 69,99$

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Cena z kuponem: 69,99$
Cena bez kuponu: 79,99$

Podstawowe informacje:

Original Xiaomi VR virtual reality glasses
Built-in independent motion sensor, high sensitivity
360 degree panorama, with hardware level acceleration, anti-vertigo
1600Hz independent motion sensor
16ms low latency, gives you smooth frames
Comes with a 9-axis motion sensing remote controller, more convenient to use ( powered by 2 AAA batteries )
103 degree super wide angle FOV
Support object distance adjustment, allows myopia under 600 degree and hyperopia under 200 degree naked eye watching
Compatible with Xiaomi 5, 5s, 5s Plus, Note 2
With soft skin-closed foam, comfortable to wear

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