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Pas leczniczy Xiaomi A10 w Gearbest

Pas leczniczy Xiaomi A10 w cenie 29,99$

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Podstawowe informacje:

High-quality nanofibre graphene
– Great thermal conductivity and optical properties, easing the cold and back pain, relieving physical fatigue
Rejuvenates your body
– Emitting 6 – 14μm of infrared light, promotes blood circulation, strengthens the immune system of the body
Rapid and even heating in seconds
– Equipped with modern technology, activated within 1 second, thermal impact on the skin in just 5 – 10 seconds
– Unique honeycomb structure, dissipates heat energy equally
3 modes for adjustment
– 3 modes: high, middle, low, anti-scald, meeting your different needs
Ultra-thin and light design
– Soft and comfortable, good toughness of graphene, not afraid to bend and stack
● Washable, leak-proof of electricity, easy to clean
● Comfortably even when doing household chores, sitting on the sofa, watching TV
● Operative temperature: 40 – 58 Deg.C


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