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Rejestrator jazdy Thieye Carbox 5R w Banggood


Banggood: Rejestrator jazdy Thieye Carbox 5R 1080P Dual Lens Car DVR Camera za 34.39$ (~128.96 zł)

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Podstawowe informacje:

Front and Rear Dual Lens Recording
Carbox 5R is the dual lens dash cameras capable of recording both front and rear areas of a vehicle for better viewabiliy and coverage. It offers a next-level ultimate security and surveillance solution for the everyday driver.

Real 1080P Full HD Front Camera
Exceptional 1080P Full HD recording in 30fps allows you to capture the crucial details of any incidents you may come across while being on the road.

720P HD & IP67 Water Resistant Rear Camera
With a 720P HD rear camera, you are given a pair of clear, expansive perspectives to record your driving trips. Thanks to its water resistant rear camera, allowing it to be installed on the outside of the vehicle without worrying about malfunctioning or having visibility issues, or mounted it on the rear windshield to protect the rear of the vehicle.

Built-in 3.2” HD Screen
· With the vivid 3.2” LCD display, you can either watch the current view in real time, review videos of recorded events, or to setup various setting. And the rear camera is able to project its image in real time to 3.2” HD screen, ensuring an accurate view of your surroundings, you can choose between three different viewing options, Front Camera, Rear Camera, and Picture-in-Picture.
· When played back, it clearly shows license plates, vehicle makes and models, roadway signage, all of which may be valuable evidence when submitting video to your car insurance company or in case where there are disputes.
High-speed 32GB Micro SD Card Included

Support up to 32GB, Class 10 or UHS-1 microSD card required.
Car Charger with Additional USB
Providing extra USB for your smartphone or pad charging while keeping the dash cam in use.

Near 360°Full Protection
With a 170° front facing and 120° rear facing camera, Carbox 5R captures road front and rear simultaneously, comfortably provides three lane coverage, ensuring high visibility of any events surrounding your driving and reducing blind spots. A full protection on the go!

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) retains a greater level of detail and color in an image. This setting is especially useful for scenes that include shadows or bright areas.

Emergency Recording For Peace of Mind
· The Loop Recording function will allow the camera to keep recording without interruption by overwriting the oldest unlocked files when the card is full.
· When the G-sensor detects a collision or sudden braking, it’ll immediately enable emergency recording and automatically lock the current files in the case of an incident, keeping your most important footage protected.
· Parking Mode monitors your car’s surroundings while your car is parked and the engine is not running. It automatically begins recording when the motion is detected.
Dual Mounts Included & Easy Installation
Outstanding reliability supports continuous shooting during the whole driving. The Carbox 5R features both a suction cup mount and 3M adhesive mount, giving users the options to choose between an easily removable installation and a more permanent one.

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