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Samochód wyścigowy zdalnie sterowany z klocków CaDA C61041 w Aliexpress


Aliexpress: Samochód wyścigowy zdalnie sterowany z klocków CaDA Lamborghini Centenario C61041 3842 klocki w cenie 120.75$ (~469.72 zł)

Kod rabatowy:

Alternatywny kod: (Te kody były aktywne wcześniej. Niektóre z nich mogą jeszcze działać.)
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Podstawowe informacje:

Brand Name: Cada
Gender: Unisex
Model: C61041
• High-quality bricks and parts ensures smooth mechanical linkage performance under complex structures.
• Streamlined body design, highly restored iconic rear shape.
• Front and rear independent suspension system, all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension and shock absorber springs, which can reduce the tilt and vibration of the body.
• Equipped with 3 differentials, when starting, the engine is linked to simulate a V12 engine, which can easily cope with various rugged and complex terrains.
• Sequential seven-speed gearbox function, the gear can be controlled by the lever in the cab to switch and adjust different speeds.
• The rear wing can be raised and lowered by turning the knob to open and close the door.
• The whole vehicle can be divided into 14 independent modules and assembled into modules to provide more modification space.
• Other features include: liftable rear wing, openable doors, custom painted parts for the rear, and removable luggage compartment.
• Full-colour step by step building instructions.
• This set is compatible with brand bricks and contains over 3,842 pieces.
Tyre height: 80 mm, tyre width: 45 mm, sticker set with 26 stickers.

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