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Samochód wyścigowy zdalnie sterowany z klocków CaDA C61045W w Aliexpress


Aliexpress: Samochód wyścigowy zdalnie sterowany z klocków CaDA Porsche 911 C61045W 1429 klocki w cenie 117.99$ (~447.18 zł)

Kod rabatowy:

Nie jest potrzebny
Idź do okazji!

Uwaga: Plus kupon sprzedawcy 3$

Informacje o VAT:

Przesyłka Priority Line na Banggood chroni przed opłatami skarbowymi. W innych sklepach, jak Aliexpress, część produktów jest oznaczona, jako "Price includes VAT" i opłaty nie są doliczane.
Przesyłki zamawiane z magazynów EU mają wliczony VAT i są zwolnione z cła.

Podstawowe informacje:

Brand Name: Cada
Gender: Unisex
Model: C61041
Number: CADA C61045W, 1429 / PCS, a popular well-known IP car model, based on the original design of the retro sports car RS of the famous foreign MOC player M. Schlegel. The exact ratio is 1:12. The appearance of the real car is highly restored.
The CADA building block car is made of high quality high-precision shapes and environmentally friendly ABS materials. The surface treatment is smooth and burr-free. Each panel is solid, odourless, green and environmentally friendly. The styling lines are smooth and rough and the proportions are coordinated, which greatly restores the appearance of the real car.
The cockpit details of the CADA Master are excellent, the engine bay / steering wheel / rear view mirror / the front double seat / the storage box and other details are greatly restored, the wheels and hubs are strongly wrapped and the outer and inner design is mostly provided with unevenness the largest extent. Restore the appearance of the vehicle.
Basic manual functions: forward, backward, left and right rotation, manual opening and closing of the front and rear bonnet, left and right door, independent suspension arm and rear suspension, rear wheel drive, V6 engine in conjunction with the engine when starting the sports car. The additional power supply can be controlled remotely (the power supply must be purchased separately).
The Cada set is packaged in an exquisite and high-quality atmosphere, including professional and detailed assembly instructions. The construction steps are very clear and suitable for people over 8 years. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

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