Słuchawki bezprzewodowe DACOM GF7 w Banggood


Słuchawki bezprzewodowe DACOM GF7 w cenie 46,39$

Z kodem: db7475

Podstawowe informacje:

  1. Bluetooth 4.2 version, the effecctive distance up to 30m, it could build faster connection and transmit stable signal in high speed.
  2. Come with an intellgent charger box, it is a storage box as well as a chager. Put the earphone in it and close the lid, it would charge the earphone automatically.
  3. Dual Bluetooth earphone, the right one is the main earphone, they would turn into double channel stereo mode when connect with the phone. You could use it in single or together.
  4. Intelligent voice prompt, it could indicate you the real-time state of the earphone, such as low battery, successful connection, power on or off and etc.
  5. DSP noise reduction technology, it could reduce the wind noise and ambient noise effectively, and reach the 360 degree stereo effect, provide you crystal clear phone call.
  6. Strong compatibility, it could compatible with most of Bluetooth devices. Besides, this earphone support simultaneous connection with two Bluetooth devices


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