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Podstawowe informacje:
Brand Digoo
Model Digoo DG-TH8868 Wireless Full-Color Screen Digital USB Outdoor Weather Station Clock
Size 151.8mm x 36.1mm x 112.3mm / 5.9ŃÇâ x 1.2ŃÇâ x 4.4ŃÇâ
Display Mutifunctional Colorful Screen Weather Station
with LARGE SCREEN Display
Weather Forecast Sunny, Partly Sunny, Cloudy,
Rainy, Stormy,Snowy
Moon Phase Real Time Moon Phase
Function In & Out Hygrometer Thermometer (┬░C/┬░F)
TideTrend & Moon Phase
Historical Barometric Pressure
Sun Rise & Sun Set
Snooze / Light & Alarm Function
Low Battery indicator for outdoor sensor and station
Language Setting (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands,
Denmark, Russia, English)
City Mode Setting up City of Your Location
Barometric Pressure 800mb to 1100mb /
It will measure the barometer every 12 min automatically
Temperature Indoor Range : 0┬░C ~ 50┬░C (32┬░F ~ 122┬░F)
Outdoor Range : -30┬░C to 60┬░C (-22┬░F to 140┬░F)
Humidity IN&OUT Range : 1% RH ~ 99% RH
Sensor High Precise Indoor & Oudoor Sensor Chip From
Professional Manufactory
Power By 3 X AAA Battries
by special USB Power Cable(Includes),
Convenient Work on USB PORT.
Distance Between main unit and sensor Max to 30 meters in open area

digoo weather station

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