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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 w Joybuy


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 w cenie 34,99$ (~133,66 zł) w Joybuy

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Brand: Xiaomi
1. Need extend 25 days if order, for there’ll be several days waiting selling after Xiaomi Debut on 11th, June.
2. Only Chinese and English will be 100% updated, other 16 languages partly updated. If your langauge is not updated yet, please wait several days patiently, and please don’t blame me for it.
01 Alarm (Must be set in Application | Snooze Mode : 10 minutes) . Maximum 10 Alarms. Maximum 50 Event reminders.
02 Alipay :
03 Camera, DND Mode :
04 Music Control.
05 Color Sreen resolution : 240×120 pixels.
06 MI AI Speaker.
07 Six activities (Cycling, Free training, Run, Swim, Treadmill, Walk).

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