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Chinskiekody.pl Gearbest Zabawka magnetyczne kulki w Gearbest

Zabawka magnetyczne kulki w Gearbest


Zabawka magnetyczne kulki 216 sztuk (3mm) w cenie 3,99$ (~15,32 zł) w Gearbest

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Podstawowe informacje:

Excellent gift: As an educational learning toy for your children, or as a leisure toy for your friends and family.
Geometry: Cultivate children to change plane thinking to spatial thinking, and recognize the three – dimensional structure principle.
Puzzle: Make children do it by themselves, play along with thinking, and learn more things, thus making them more optimistic.
Let kids’ imagination and creation run wild: With those delicacy and cute pieces, kids can do DIY project by themselves.
Improve parent-child relationship: Playing together with your children is a perfect communication with each other.

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