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Zestaw czujników Xiaomi Mi Home 5w1 w DHgate


Zestaw czujników Xiaomi Mi Home 5w1 w cenie 42$ (~175.14 zł) w DHgate

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Podstawowe informacje:

Multi-function gateway remote control

Online broadcast: built-in speaker, support online broadcast, stop syncing and turn on wake-up function when you are asleep
Night light: built-in light sensor, 16 million interchangeable color lights turned on in low light conditions
Custom ringtones: Custom ringtones. Sign in to the app and download your favorite songs on the bridge
Connect to the body sensor: When someone passes, the light will automatically turn on
Connect to the door sensor: turn on the lights and ringtones when you open the door
Connect with an IP camera: Provides a warning and video view when someone is at your home

Window door sensor
Open the door: your lights and rings
Push the door: the light is automatically turned on
Stay away from home mode: If someone breaks in, the ringtone will call back and shoot the video
Smart sensor: open the window to let fresh air enter the room
Small size and easy to install
Built-in CR2032 battery for 2 years
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Smart wireless switch
The key to control: make breakfast in the kitchen, press the switch, ask the child to get out of bed
Before going to bed: a button to turn off all devices
Wake up at night: turn on the button for the night light
At the exit: a key to controlling home appliances
Portable, small, easy to install
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Human body sensor
Timer function: If there is no one within the set time, it will automatically turn off the air conditioner and TV
Smart sensor: When someone passes, the night light will automatically turn on
Night light function: it will automatically turn on when someone passes
Notification feature: You may be told when your beloved pet faints
Powered by CR1632 button battery (not include)the Battery has been taken out for shipping safety.Please kindly understanding.
Different placement and installation methods
Suitable for all kinds of home environments
Note: This item must match the Xiaomi Multi-Function Gateway to use

Package Contents:
1 gateway remote control,
1 x version of the Zigbee version,
1 wireless switch,
1 personal body sensor,
1 door and window sensor

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